Our favourite social media moments for the week of August 3, 2015

Elexn42, digital organizing and activism from around the web

1. Much has been made of Stephen Harper’s strict invitation-only campaign events. His team may have failed to vet these children who are clearly too authentic:

2. Tia Oso, a national organizer in the U.S. with the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, tweeted about the convergence of #blacklivesmatter activists that took place in Ferguson, Missouri. Social media has transformed the work of organizing for racial justice, but nothing replaces what happens when activists gather in the same place at the same time:

3. With that said, social media has transformed the work of organizing for racial justice. Organizer Derey McKesson wrote in The Guardian about how platforms like Twitter and Instagram play a role in combatting the erasure of marginalized voices:

McKinney, Texas, June 2015. Photograph: Shawn Roller via Tumblr

4. Activists also took to twitter during the week to discuss lessons learned from the Ferguson uprising with the hashtag #FergusonTaughtMe. Several of the tweets reflected on organizing and the utility of social media.

5. Despite mentioning being clear and sticking to “the facts” seventeen different times during the leaders debate, the folks at PressProgress found 7 instances where the Prime Minister’s statements constituted “factual errors”. The very popular post was shared over 6,000 times on Facebook:

6. Buzzfeed’s Lauren Strapagiel responded to the three hours of heavy posturing that took place during the first federal leaders debate with this clever, gif-laden rundown of 12 invisible things you may have missed.

The popular article also produced what is our favourite Canadian election gif to date:

                                Buzzfeed: "A dropped ice cream cone (and the ensuing dismay)"