Our favourite social media moments for the first week of September 2015

A lot of excellent memes, videos and social media ephemera have been circulating the internet this week. Here's a quick round up of our favourites from Canada and beyond:

1. This man is not your friend

There are just 6 weeks left until you can electorally unfriend Stephen Harper. Perhaps it was with that in mind that people gleefully shared the CBC's video compilation of the Canadian Prime Minister's  friendship is magic election tour over 200,000 times on Facebook.

Click the image above to watch CBC's video.

Click the image above to watch CBC's video.

The campaign messaging is clear and attempts to establish three proposed realities:

i) That Stephen Harper is not a robot that quietly turned away from our national health accord, deepened economic austerity, took medical coverage away from refugees, introduced creepy 'anti-terrorism' legislation, is overseeing the dismantling of the public post office, destroyed the national census, or gave a senator a very big cheque to make a scandal go away. Nope. He is in fact a friendly guy with a lot of friends, like Chuck and Ed whom he can identify by name. Clearly he is a human capable of emotions and forming strong social bonds with other people.

ii) Also, you are Stephen Harper's friend. Yes, you. Not because you know and respect each other. But because he persistently tells you so. Over and over.  

iii) Friendship = standing silently in the back and clapping in business-casual outfits. 

2.  This week in (memes about) Liberals

The folks at Rank and File offered this hilarious contribution to the ongoing list of election memes involving the Liberal party's policy platform:

3. Catchy Youtube video prompts government investigation

Ottawa folk singer Tony Turner's song and accompanying YouTube video 'Harperman' has put him in hot water with the bosses at his day job - the Canadian Government. In addition to making music Turner also studies migratory birds as a Canadian federal scientist.

To the dismay of his union he was recently disciplined with a paid leave while 'Harperman' is investigated. The National Post recently reported that the investigation is looking into "allegations that he violated the ethics code by writing and performing a political protest song". We say that's ridiculous. There are much shadier things for Environment Canada to investigate than a folk-singing scientist making fact-based parody videos on their own time. Apparently someone at Environment Canada thinks otherwise.

Meanwhile, the Harperman video has already reached half a million views on Youtube, become part of a nation-wide singalong and garnered international media coverage.

 4. Laureen Harper talks about moms and marijuana

Press Progress dug up this rather interesting video last week. In the YouTube clip Laureen Harper, part of the Conservative PR machine and spouse of Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, talks to Brampton West candidate Ninder Thind about the how you "don't put people in jail" for smoking marijuana:

5. #Wagebort

Finally, in celebration of the fantastic news that a New York wage board recommended a fifteen dollar minimum wage for the city's fast food workers, the internet gifted us with the latest addition to labour memes involving Beyonce queendom.

We appreciate the pop cultural dexterity it takes to make #wagebort happen. And we're not alone.