Kevin hates unions, surprises no one

Kevin O'Leary is charming. 

Kevin O'Leary is charming. 

In an interview with Heather Hiscox on CBC News Morning the Conservative Party of Canada leadership hopeful lamented that "we didn’t take advantage of the financial meltdown to actually crush the unions when we could have" and went on to add that he thinks that his unapolagetic union bashing is something he loves to do and "frankly, a good thing".

It should surprise no one that Kevin O'Leary is a shock doctrine espousing rich guy who thinks strategically about crushing workers during a financial disaster.  As David Doorey pointed out over at the Law of Work, O'Leary is a typical greedy boss: 

Of course, O’Leary wants to get rid of unions. His favorite slogan is “greed is good”. If you are a greedy entrepreneur, you won’t like unions, because they take money from CEOs and give it to workers.
— David Doorey, York University

In response to being asked about O'Leary's past comments about jailing Canadians in unions, Arlene Dickinson (fellow rich person and Dragon's Den co-star) replied calmly, "That isn't just bluster for television, that is who this man is". 

While all this alarm about Kevin O'Leary is reasonable, let's not forget that he isn't a unique Trump-like leadership hopeful. Lisa Raitt, for example, also hates unions and doesn't like being mocked. We're also quite sure that Kellie Leitch is furious that O'Leary is monopolizing the media comparisons to the Donald.

The truth is O'Leary is by no means a special Trump-like snowflake.

Let's hope we don't spend more time over individualizing the anti-unionism to one man, there's plenty more where that came from.