What we Care about

Writing, talking, thinking about social media and progressive policy advocacy in Canada (and beyond).

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We also believe in unions. That's why our Solidarity Media team is unionized and belong to Unifor Local 2040.


Behind the Numbers - Thought-provoking views on Canadian public policy

Briarpatch - Analysis from a grassroots perspective

CALM - Canadian Association of Labour Media

Duarte - Engaging through persuasive presentations

INCITE! - Activism by radical feminists of colour in the U.S.

Just Seeds - 30 artists committed to social justice

Law of Work - News and case summaries by Toronto's Dr. David Doorey

Revolutionizing Retail - Labour Studies expert Kendra Coulter on retail worker action

Shameless - Aiming to inspire, inform and advocate for young women and trans youth

Stories That Move You - Evie Ruddy's blog on compelling digital storytelling

Upping the Anti - Critical articles, interviews and roundtables aimed at activists

Wellesley Institute - Urban health in Canada

Art is a critical complement to activism, lending soul to a function which is often brain heavy and spirit thin. No matter how brilliant our attempts to inform, it is our ability to inspire that will turn the tides.
— Syracuse Cultural Workers